Welcome to the SKS Music Therapy Blog! My name is Stephanie, and I’m a music therapist in the Baton Rouge area.  I’m excited to announce this blog as a part of my new website and private practice, SKS Music Therapy Services!

Although I’ve been on a long hiatus from blogging, I do have a previous blog which contains my thoughts on music therapy practice (and occasionally other things) from my first five years as a clinician.  If you’d like to read more, feel free to mosey over to The Rhythmic Mind.

My hope is that people who visit this blog will learn more about music therapy and my experiences and views on it, as well as tips and tricks I have for using music to improve daily life.

If you have questions about music therapy, check out the information in this blog or visit www.musictherapy.org , the home page of the American Music Therapy Association. Stay tuned for more content… and GEAUX music therapy!



(Me with husband Paul in Death Valley!)

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